About Speak To The City

 Speak To The City, Speak To The Nation was organized by founder Kimm Gaines, as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Missouri in January 2018, with the purpose of organizing events which will provide opportunities for teaching and preaching faith-building messages, followed by prayer and declarations of faith over and into the local environment, accompanied by connections between Christian believers and local nonprofit service organizations in order to "steward" the City spiritually with their natural service, donations and prayers. Speak To The City seeks to unite Believers across denominational, racial, gender, generational and cultural distinctions. The goal is to host four (4) St. Louis, MO Speak To The City events throughout the year. One event per quarter in a different quadrant of the City, mostly within St. Louis City limits, but sometimes extending beyond. 


About Kimm Gaines

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Kimm has lived here most of her life. She comes from an entrepreneurial family and has been an Independent Event Planner for over 26 years. Her Event Planning firm, What An Event!, LLC is A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. She attended Florida A & M University’s famed School of Business & Industry, where she majored in Business Administration, completed a minor in Accounting and focused on Internal Auditing and Television Production Management.

Kimm has been active in local St. Louis ministry for over 22 years. She served as an Intercessor, Wedding  and Event Planner,  working in partnership with many large national ministries, as well as graduating from a Ministry Apprentice Program and serving faithfully in many areas of local ministry. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree and some credits towards a Masters Degree in Church Administration at Friends International Christian University in St. Joseph, FL.

Kimm has been actively serving  at InfluenceChurch.com , under the leadership of Pastors Darnell and Rochelle West.  Kimm provides event, leadership and ministry training, consulting for various churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations throughout St. Louis, MO and other places through her consulting firm, Connected To Success, LLC.


About Cedric Shannon Rives

Cedric Shannon Rives is the Worship Leader for Speak To The City.

For every Speak To The City event, he pulls together the most anointed and gifted vessels that he can find, to make up the Speak To The City Minstrel Team.  A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Cedric has been singing publicly since the age of 9 years old and by the age of 11, performed his first concert. Cedric travels the world singing gospel music and leading worship solo as well as with his gospel quartet, Cedric Shannon Rives and The Brothers. Follow Cedric & The Brothers here on Facebook for the latest on tour dates and album releases.

Cedric has recorded 5 albums to date, with a 6th to be released mid-year 2019. traveled extensively with national gospel stage plays and has written and produced nationally-touring plays featuring prominent gospel artists the likes of Cuba Gooding Sr., Shirley Murdock, David Peaston and Clyde R. Jones. 

Due to his extraordinary ability to translate the Word into music, several songs he has written have been recorded by some of today’s greatest Gospel artists including Leandrea johnson, Bishop Paul Morton, The Anointed Pace Sisters, Darwin Hobbs, Chrystal Rucker, Amber Bullock, and Dewayne Woods, among others.

A prolific preacher and teacher of the Word of God, Cedric is often sought after to minister at revivals and conferences.